The bed and breakfast Il ciottolo suggests their guests a few activities.




15% discount with Green Card Giovani





10% discount with cral







  Mamma Cult organizes city tours for the families.
Visit for maps of Italy for children.
You can find one of Genova there.






VeICOLO – ecotourism in the vicoli of Genova
Click here and read about how to visit Genova in an alternative and ecofriendly way.






10% discount in the center for naturopathy and internal medicine in Passo Barsanti 1/5, 10 minutes by foot.

For more information call: +39 010 24 66 743 / +39 335 84 47 937 message:





 10% discount for products of Farmacia del Castello, we have free samples of their foam bath and their marigold      products.







Pub Alle Volte in Piazza Manin – 15 €: primo, secondo and drink.







Enoteca I tre Merli in corso Magenta, always open, even on sunday.







Va Pensiero in Via Palestro n.28
Phone: +39 010 8196009






Bristrot il Mugugno in Via Luccoli.
Menu for 20 € even for chianina burger. Restaurant just renovated the room upstairs with beautiful windows with  parisian atmosphere. Claudio and his staff will welcome you kindly.
Phone: +39 348 934 9364





 Beautiful Loser in Piazza Marsala 10% discount… A nice place for an appetizer or to eat  outside.







L’Accademia della Musica near Piazza Marsala offers two trial lessons for singing, instruments, solfeggio. All    information on the website:






Tiger Spot, new in the heart of Via San Vincenzo: a spot for the exchange of artists and hungry clients. A versatile place above the shop: a Café, a cocktail bar, but for entertainment, music, games and fun too. 10% discount!
Call: +39 010 860 1609 or message:




mappa bimbiMappa di Genova per bambini





Schermata 2017-05-11 alle 16.07.04Soul of Genoa: tour enogastronomico 10% di sconto





01coloreTazze Pazze10% di sconto

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